The Game

You are a robot hitman in 22nd century, with no ties to any specific organization. You are desperately trying to amass money for a ticket to leave the earth, so you do any contract for money. Mostly hired by the notorious gangs in the world, your objective: wipe or sabotage the contractor’s rival gangs. You work from your office, you prefer old tech, it makes you harder to track down. When you complete your objectives, you get money, and with money you buy better weapons and new tech for yourself from the black market.

When you use money to buy upgrades and new weapons, the money is taken out from your bank account. Each contract takes one day. So, choose carefully!

RoboHitman is a game development project what is part of Ticorporate VIII in Jyväskylä University of Applied sciences.

Ticorporate VIII


Hey! My name is Kim and I am 34 years old family man from Vaajakoski. I am mostly interested in video game development.
Currently my main hobby is Magic the Gathering. For this project I am the product owner, I am also doing the main bulk of the coding.

Hi there! I'm Siiri and I work as marketing wizard in this project. My totem animal is unicorn.

I am Niko, a passionate game and level designer with over five years of experience from the modding scene and hosting multiplayer communities.
My work on the project RoboHitman revolves around being a Scrum Master and providing technical guidance and execution.

Hello there! Name’s Atte Pajarinen and I’m responsible for narrative and QA/testing in the project.
So if something doesn’t work, either in the game or in the story, you can blame me. Please don’t, though.

Hi, my name is Miska, an information technology student at JAMK. Game development is my passion I would say. Coding and pixel art if I am more precise. Playing different kinds of video games are also close to my heart. Owner of three horses and dogs also.

Hi, my name is Milla, artist and video game enthusiast. I am a final year student at Gradia Jyväskylä and I work in the team as a pixel artist.

Hi, I’m Andreas, and I’m a pixel artist and animator.
I’ve done pixel-art for around 5 years now as a hobby, helping out a friend with a mod project of theirs. I’m a second year student at Gradia Jyväskylä.

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